The Must-Have Items You Don’t Want To Forget To Add To Your Baby Registry

Make life with your newborn better with these items you might not have thought to add to your baby registry.
The Must-Have Items You Don’t Want To Forget To Add To Your Baby Registry

You Need These (BADLY!) On Your Baby Registry

Everyone knows about putting diapers and wipes, car seats and strollers, baby bathers and blankets, and other newborn essentials on their baby registry.

You will definitely need all of those things and more (complete list of baby essentials) but, this list is all about some products you may not have considered adding to your registry.

Things You Need To Buy When Your Baby Starts Crawling

This happens sooner than you can imagine! When it does you will be glad you thought in advance for these items and prudently added them to your baby registry.

When you have a baby, unless you have carpet, you will need to rethink your flooring situation, at least where your baby has play areas designated. But let’s face it, soon that will be most everywhere in your home.

Foam Flooring Tiles or Carpet

nuLOOM Soft & Plush Cloudy Shag Rug, Amazon

For me this flooring transition started with a couple sets of foam flooring tiles and ended much more tastefully and hygienically as an ultra cool and thick, shag rug in my living room. Now, you say, this isn’t the 1970s. But oh boy, let me tell you, I love my shaggy rug and my baby’s butt loves it too.

Make sure you buy a big one and try to get it in as natural a material as you can afford.

The foam squares get dirty and show dirt very quickly and easily. A word of advice, the more cutouts in the foam squares, such as letters, etc., the more dirt will get stuck in them. Dirt gets stuck in the cracks of the foam squares and also piles up along the surface like a paper plate with sand on it. Yuck!

You really have to get down on your knees and wipe them down individually. It’s best to use castile soap and water for this task.

For this reason I don’t really recommend buying them but they do have their place in kiddie-land somewhere… can’t think of where just now…

The thick pile and shaggy rugs are much more forgiving and just as cushy.

Cordless Vacuum

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Amazon

For most of my life I have had wood or tile floors and used a very workable system of brooming and mopping in order to clean my floors.

Once I had a baby I needed to clean rugs and stray hairs and everything tiny that lands on the floor. You probably saw the picture of a baby’s foot being strangled by hairs until it caused death. This is called a “hair tourniquet” and is a real thing.

The picture gave me nightmares for weeks. I have very long hair and of course some fall out throughout the day. So on with more diligence!

Babies are like little vacuums themselves, always finding the tiniest little bits of whatever on the floor and putting it them into their mouths.

Lucky for us, vacuum technology has gotten soooo much better than it was for our parents. You no longer need to have bags and also you can forego a cord, so no tripping.

Dyson v7 Animal Pro+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Amazon

Welcome to the Dyson v6+ (go higher on the number if you have pets). Though, if you have pets, then you probably already own this vacuum.

In case you were wondering how well the Dyson v6, v7, etc. works on shag rugs, I’m here to tell you it works great. The rollers will not get stuck on the shag and make your vacuum explode like in a Scooby Doo cartoon.

This vacuum works most excellently on thick pile rugs, shag rugs, wooden floors, you name it. Here’s a video of a cordless Dyson working its magic on a super shaggy rug.

Dyson vacuum doing a great job getting the dirt and hairs out of a shag rug

It is lightweight and will last about 20 minutes on full charge. That should give you enough time to give the good rug or mat a thorough vacuum and also then to zap the bathroom floors and kitchen floors, what have you.

Non-Toxic Household Cleaning Products

This is one of those areas in life where low budget can actually do a better job than big budget.

Cleaning Supplies

Take this opportunity to rid your home of all toxic cleaning supplies, including your laundry detergent. Also, rid yourself of the environmental pollution of sponges and their nano plastic spreading and germ collecting materials.

There are a ton of cheap, easy, and effective, homemade recipes for cleaning supplies available or you can try some of the non-toxic eco-friendly options at your local health food store.


Eco-Egg Fragrance-Free Laundry Egg, Amazon

For laundry you will need an Eco-Egg Laundry Egg (washer) and 2 to 4 wool dryer balls plus lavender or vanilla essential oil (dryer).

First, wash your washing machine empty with some vinegar to clean the old molds and mildews out. Your usual detergent has been masking the smells of them for years but they are there, lurking.

Now you are free to use the Eco-Egg to wash your clothes which uses minerals to release the dirt and grime from your clothes naturally without causing any toxic chemicals to be dumped into the water supply. It’s amazing! This Eco-Egg lasts for nearly 1000 washes and it costs only as much as a couple containers of the toxic, perfume laden stuff.

Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls, Amazon

For drying you will add a few drops of the essential oil to the dryer balls and voila! Your drying time is cut more than in half (you’re so welcome) and your clothes will smell as delicious as you want them to without toxic chemical fragrance.

Organic Essential Oils Set, Amazon

A quick note of caution, not all essential oils should be used for your laundry. Some are very strongly medicinal such as the Red and White Thyme and should only be used in a diffuser for aromatherapy.

Lavender is an excellent essential oil for your dryer balls as would be vanilla, lime, lemon, and many others. You only need a few drops on each ball to give your laundry the most heavenly custom scent.

Kitchen and Dishes

JBK Chef Design Ceramic Pot Minder, Amazon

Giving birth is exhausting. So are the next several months of adapting to your new life with a baby, your new sleep(less) schedule and all of the added responsibilities of taking care of a tiny new human.

Anything you can do to assist in remembering important things like that you put a pot of water on the stove to boil, will not only keep you sane, but help keep you safe.

Added bonus, all this peace of mind is non-toxic and costs less than a cup of neighborhood coffee. All you do is place the ceramic disc in the pot with whatever you are cooking and when the heat reaches a certain temp the disc will start rattling in the pan.

Silicone Dish Sponges, Amazon

I love eco-friendly reusable silicone dish sponges and diy rewashable dish sponges. Instead of throwing away sponges when they get disgusting, which is fast, you wash these and they come out good as new.

You can buy an entire eco-friendly kit of reusable paper towels and go so far as to participate in the “family cloth” but to start out I think the reusable sponges are an item that can take your dishes situation to a more civilized happy place.


Where are you going to put all of those toys?


Extra Large Woven Storage Baskets, Amazon

Baskets! Yes, your baby will want to go into the baskets and pull out his or her toys and you will be so glad you have them on hand as everyone you know will be bringing your baby stuffed toys and hard plastic toys.

They will pile up on your dressers and collect on your sofa until one day you’ve had enough and you will start organizing them into baskets.

Baskets are beautiful and functional. Just make sure you buy ones that have strong materials that the baby can’t chew on or rip off and put in his or her mouth. The sturdier natural materials and canvas ones are great.

Glass Jars

Ball Mason 4oz Glass Mason Jars, Amazon

AKA. Mason Jars. You will be making baby food and you don’t want to store it in plastic. Mason jars are beautiful and go with everything you already own in your glassware collection. You can buy these in several designs and various sizes for your growing baby. Get yourself a set of plastic lids too.

You might think you can reuse the baby food jars that come with commercial brands you buy at the store, but you will be sad to find out that most of the lids on them aren’t reliable for re-use after they’ve been opened.

The ones that I found which do seem to re-lock well, they are not really stackable. That makes them cumbersome to reuse. I don’t want to say that reusing baby food jars can’t be done, I just haven’t found them very reusable for food storage.

A Fresh Pair of Slides and a Cotton Robe

I’m not ashamed to say for the first three months of my baby’s life, I lived in slides. The comfort over style force within me was so strong that my feet just curled up thinking of going into any other shoe.

I recommend you put two pairs on your registry. You will be glad you did.

Nike Benassi Slides, Amazon

Nike Benassi Slides, Amazon

Buy yourself a floor length, light cotton or cotton-blend robe with tie. It will get you to the mailbox and back and keep an easy task of breastfeeding/pumping. Also, since you will be getting spit up on a lot you will be glad you can just throw this in the wash and it will easily clean up again like new.

R.Vivimos Women’s Vintage Floral Print Robe, Amazon

Bathing Helper

This item is for those of you who currently have shower curtains that are opaque and also expect to need to shower when you’re alone with the baby.

Caitlin White Heavy Duty Clear Shower Curtain/Curtain Liner, Amazon

If you have a clear shower curtain or curtain liner, you can put your baby in a secured bouncer or rocker where you can see him (away from the steam of course) while you shower.

This way you can actually relax while you shower and you won’t have to worry about scurrying out to tend to your baby’s cries when he or she doesn’t see you.


Make sure you pick up these amazing products or add them to your baby shower registry.

Your baby will have more fun crawling in a safe environment. You won’t have to worry about your baby getting rashes from detergents and perfumes left on their clothes. You will be able to relax comfortably in beautiful lounge wear while you nurse or feed your beautiful bundle. When you are ready to shower you can feel good knowing you most likely will get to finish a complete shower.

Quick Add To Cart Products List

  • nuLOOM Soft & Plush Cloudy Shag Rug
  • Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • EcoEgg Unscented Laundry Egg
  • Wool Dryer Balls by Smart Sheep 6-Pack XL
  • Aromatherapy Essential Oils Set from Botanic Hearth
  • Silicone Sponge Dish Washing Kitchen Scrubber
  • Extra Large Woven Storage Baskets
  • Ball 4-Ounce Quilted Crystal Jelly Jars with Lids and Bands
  • Nike Men’s Benassi Just Do It Athletic Sandal
  • Nike Women’s Benassi JDI Swoosh Slide Sandal
  • R.Vivimos Women’s Vintage Floral Print Beach Boho Cardigan Kimono Maxi Swimwear Cover up Dress Wrap
  • Caitlin White Heavy Duty 10 Gauge Clear PEVA Shower Curtain Liner
  • JBK Chef Design Ceramic Pot Minder

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