Best Baby Bottle Nipples For Your Newborn

Learn which baby bottle nipples are best for your newborn.
Best Baby Bottle Nipples For Your Newborn

Baby Bottle Nipples

There are plenty of reasons you will be using bottles, even if you are breastfeeding. You want nipples that your baby will accept but will also not deter your baby from your own nipples.

Your baby is going to be choosing the bottles you use because he or she will only like or “take to” certain nipples.

Not every nipple fits on every bottle so nipples get determined first.

There are so many different nipple styles. Some are sort of a rounded boxy shape at the end to mimic mommy’s nipples. Some are more bulbous or round at the tip.

For me the nipples that work best for my baby are the Enfamil soft rubber nipples.

I started on the Enfamil nipples and tried some others unsuccessfully. The slow flow of the Enfamil nipples is perfect for a newborn baby.

Some of the so called slow flow nipples aren’t slow enough and your baby will have a hard time with them.

Too much milk will get into his or her mouth all at once and your baby will cry and choke a bit on the milk and you will know right away the flow isn’t right.

Enfamil Slow Flow Soft Nipples 12 pack

My baby was very happy with the Enfamil nipples and I did manage to successfully breastfeed for several months along with bottle feeding. I really like these because they are disposable rubber and have a very soft, natural feel to them.

My baby would not take to any other nipples after using these except my own. I did want to get him taking a silicone bottle but since he wouldn’t take the nipple that fit on the silicone bottle, and only the nipples that came with the bottle fit on them, there was no other alternative.

These Enfamil nipples fit the Medela and Evenflo bottles I recommend.

They come individually sealed so you can just open a new one when you’re ready. You must always still wash them with a little soap and water before giving to your baby however.

Silicone Nipples

If your baby will accept a silicone nipple then that is really your best option, other than of course, mommy’s nipple. Silicone bottles are really nice too and usually come with silicone nipples. There are only two brands that make these on Amazon and they are Comotomo and Boon.

The Comotomo bottles, to me, felt like holding a silicone implant. To your baby it’s supposed to feel “natural” so I guess that makes sense. The Boon version, which I like better, has a little sleeve around the bottle to hold on to.

One of the best features of a soft silicone bottle like these is that your baby doesn’t have to suck milk against a vacuum. You might have noticed an effect of this, which is your baby bottle nipple caving in. This is an anti-colic feature that gives your baby a lot more comfort with bottle feeding.

One more handy feature is that the bottles are easy to clean. Thank goodness because you’ll be washing them a lot.

Check out the bottles and their respective nipples on Amazon. If you want to look further into baby bottles check out my article on the best baby bottles here.

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