Full list of items you will need to buy for your new baby

Full list of items you will need to buy for your new baby

This is a comprehensive shopping list of all the items you will need to purchase for your new baby’s first 6 months of life. If it isn’t listed then you probably don’t need it.

If you already have an Amazon baby registry set up, you can go right to the list of product links or to the Amazon Ideas List already on Amazon.

This is the checklist. You can read the Complete Guide to these items too.

Read the Comprehensive Newborn Shopping List and Guide to save yourself precious time, money, and energy. It contains detailed explanations, product recommendations, and sanity saving tips.

  1. Baby Bottle Nipples (your baby will decide which ones she or he likes and hopefully those nipples fit the bottles you prefer)
  2. Baby Bottles (6-12) (Choice of glass, plastic, silicone, or stainless steel). Silicone is nice if your baby will accept the nipples.
  3. Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Steamer (Can be used to steam baby food around 4 months if you buy certain kinds) See suggested products
  4. Baby Bottle Drying Rack
  5. Baby Spoons (Silicone preferably)
  6. Baby Bibs (3-5)
  7. Baby Bottle Brushes
  8. Short Sleeve Bodysuits (15 or so)
  9. Long Sleeve Bodysuits (10 or so)
  10. Feetie Sleeper Suits (10 or so) Make sure you get ones that have feet big enough for your baby.
  11. Cold Weather Clothes if necessary
  12. Baby Socks (10-12 pairs)
  13. Baby Shoes (you can also do crochet shoes or socks with little rubber dots on the bottoms)
  14. Baby Sun Hat (when you start taking baby outdoors)
  15. Diaper Changing Station (you can also use your bed and a towel if you’re on a tight budget)
  16. Baby Wipes or even better… Soft Paper Towels (such as Viva and just dip them in water as you use them)
  17. Baby Wipes Warmer or Water Warmer
  18. Butt Rash Ointment (2-3 tubes) or make your own from beeswax and olive oil/coconut oil
  19. Diapers (sizes 1 through 4, 300-500 of each) or cloth diapers (10-15 size 1-4 prefolds, 4-6 fasteners, and 6-10 covers multiple sizes to around 25lbs) If you’re going the cloth diaper route please note many new mums skip the newborn phase and start cloth diapering the next size up.
  20. Diaper Pail or better yet get a Sideways Facing Slim Step Pedal Trash Can
  21. Diaper Bag (make sure it fits well in your stroller storage compartment)
  22. Co-Sleeper or Bassinet (clear mesh sides, length, and proper height is important) Some of them are short and your baby will grow out of them too fast.
  23. Baby Lounger
  24. Baby Blankets (6-10) 47×47″ size
  25. Cotton Pre-folds or Burp Clothes
  26. Infant Video and Sound Monitor System (optional but having it will calm your nerves)
  27. Baby Flat Head Protector Pillow
  28. Baby Boogie Sucker
  29. Baby Forehead Thermometer
  30. Newborn Nail Clippers
  31. Soft Bristles Baby Hairbrush (even if your baby doesn’t have hair… it’s good for cradle cap)
  32. Newborn Baby Bathtub (preferably one that fits in the kitchen sink)
  33. Baby Bath Rinsing Cup
  34. Tear-free Baby Body Wash (2-3 bottles)
  35. Hot/Cold Safety Rubber Ducky (optional)
  36. Baby Wash Cloths (6-10) if you already have soft wash cloths at home you won’t need to buy special ones
  37. Infant Car Seat or travel system
  38. Infant Stroller (or travel system)
  39. Infant Back Seat Car Mirror (optional but you will definitely want one)
  40. Back Seat Sun Window Shade (optional but your baby will be more comfortable if you have it)
  41. Car Seat Cover (you can use an oversize t-shirt)
  42. Stroller Organizer (optional)
  43. Baby Bouncer starting around the 3-4 month mark… (optional but you will definitely want one)
  44. Baby Swing (optional but you will definitely want one)
  45. Baby Activity Gym (optional but you will want it for sure)
  46. Baby Hanging and Hand Toys
  47. Baby Teethers (for around the 3-4 month mark)
  48. White Noise Machine / Soothing Sounds Maker (optional but nice to have)
  49. Nursing Pillow (do not hesitate to buy if your baby has any latching issues)
  50. Nursing Pads
  51. Nursing/Pumping Combo Bra
  52. Pot Minder (optional but highly recommended)
  53. Batteries (AA, AAA, D, and sometimes C)
  54. Foam Floor Squares (for around the 4 month mark)
  55. Baby Formula if not able to breastfeed (12-16 regular size cans per month)
  56. Breast Pump (sometimes obtained from the manufacturer and covered by insurance)
  57. Bottle Warmer (if giving baby breastmilk from refrigerated storage)
  58. Hands-free infant carrier (optional)

For a complete list of suggested products go here.

Baby Shopping Guide
Baby Shopping Guide
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